Friday, 19 December 2014

How to Make Passive Money Online with Android Application

Making Passive money online with your first Android application.

Android/OS and mobile platform is a goldmine for developers. Millions of applications are being published on Android Play store and there is only one reason behind it and that is to make the next 'flappy bird' or to make the next big viral thingy that will let you play in millions. You might not know this but people who have cloned 'Flappy bird' after it was launched are literally making thousands of dollars even now. On the other end there are some totally scrap applications on the play store which could be considered as failed pursuits by some fail spammers. 

Keeping in view the enriched platform that Android provides, I decided to have a go at it and try my luck with launching an Android app. I have absolutely no coding experience and frankly I don't want to learn all these difficult languages stuff. So, I took the easy way, 'Outsource'. Outsourcing an app can be seriously expensive but if you have some designing skill you can get coding work done for much less than it's actually done. I contacted a few developers and one of them agreed to work with me. It costed me almost $200 to launch my first app on the store. I wanted a quality product on the store and also the one which could capture some good regular audience. So, I went with the quotes application idea in which users can swap through different pic quotes and can share them with their friends over all the social media networks. 

Before coming up with this idea, I did my homework. I checked the competition and the apps which were there already on the market so I knew I had to add some new features in order to highlight my app a bit more in the app store. With my designing skills, I created a simple UI with full screen picture quotes and asked my developer to allow me to categorize all my quotations. This way users can select different categories based on what type of quotes they want to read and share. 

Initially, after launching my first app I thought it would be an overnight success. Guess what? it wasn't. I tried promoting it with my friends and was able to get upto 100 downloads.  This was nothing but atleast it was a start. After that I passed in few updates for the app improving the user experience. That proved to be a turning point and I started seeing 10-20 downloads everyday. I only monitized my app with the Admob as I was seriously against full screen interstitial ads and I wanted to preserve the user experience. So, after 2 months now, my app has gotten a kick start and its has almost 3000 active users now.

Here are some current stats about my app and how it's doing on the Play store:

Downloads = >9000
Active users = 3000
Admob Daily hits = 1500-2000
Admob daily revenue average = $1.5 - $3
Country of most users = USA
CPC = $0.10

The CPC for admob for me is consistent at $0.10 despite having US hits. This is different when it comes to using adsense which I use on my websites and gives me $0.20 - $0.30 CPC. I'm very happy with the results of my app so far. 

So, right now I'm making a steadily growing income from my Android app without doing anything at all. I'm not promoting my app and let the users promote it. My downloads are increasing steadily and I can concentrate on developing other projects now. Once I get a good amount of user base, I intend to update this app with more features. 

If you would like to see my app, kindly post in a comment and I will message you the link. This is just for spam purposes. I hope this article has helped you in order to understand how to make passive money online with android application. For quesions, please post in a comment

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