Monday, 22 December 2014

How I made thousand dollars on Fiverr within 2 months

Fiverr is a big deal these days. Everyone wants their work done in $5. It's a market place where you can get your job done in $5 and where you can do jobs ranging from $5 to any amount you want. The secret and also a misconception about Fiverr is that people will only be able to make $5 for their services which is far less when compared to today's world economy.

If you're thinking the same thing then let me tell you this you have come to right place cause you're absolutely wrong. Fiverr is a jackpot and if you use it in the right manner, you can make thousands of dollars in no time. I got to know about Fiverr 2 years back but never really tried it, thinking this very thing that $5 is nothing. But after going through some serious trials and tribulations, I thought of giving Fiverr a go 5 months back. With my 5 years experience in graphic design industry, I didn't have any problem starting a graphic design gig. I got my first project the very next day and I'll tell you why.

You see Fiverr is all about how you present your gig. Buyers will read your gig description and they will specifically look at your work samples. I had a number of designs in my portfolio which I could display so I went for my best 3 and for the description I looked at other successful gigs to get the idea of how to present and sell your work. It took hardly half an hour before my gig was ready. I didn't share it on any platform as I knew Fiverr has millions of visitors so my gig will eventually get noticed. And so it did.

The first order was very important and I offered unlimited revisions to my client after which she gave me a great feedback and review. That was the spring board I was looking for. After that I got tons of orders and I was able to make $400 in my first month. Many clients reordered my gig just to give me some extra $5 tips. Once I reached the 2nd level, I was able to add gig extras. That was the game changer for me as clients were in need of instant work, so they ordered my extras and I started earning 10-20$ per order.

My second month revenue was almost $600. My gig included a very simple graphic quote poster so it hardly took me 15 minutes to half hour to complete one gig. The job was simple and the income multiplied.

Things I learned from Fiverr is that there is no competition. It's always about the quality of your work. If you can create quality stuff for the clients, they will come back and even if you charge them some hefty amount they'll be willing to pay. Many of my clients payed me up tp $60 for a simple poster.

So make sure if you want to work on Fiverr, pay special attention to customers happiness and try to get good reviews right at the start. Try to maintain your rating up to 4.8 - 5 stars. There will come days when you won't be getting new orders for days but you don't have to worry cause clients will come eventually. Fiverr keeps on rotating the rank order of gigs and there are literally millions of gigs on that market place.

You can take a look at my gig on this link:

Let me know if you have any questions regarding how to earn and make good money on Fiverr.

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