Saturday, 8 November 2014

How I Started Making Money Online 5 Years Ago

5 Crazy Years of Sheer Learning about How Money is Made online

After 5 crazy years of intense online research, marketing and development, I think I'm finally ready to write all about my experience. Yes, I made thousands of dollars online during these 5 years but nothing can beat the amount of things that I learned during my time as a blogger, entrepreneur, graphic designer and freelancer. Indeed for the past 5 years, I have tested each and every white hat method for making money online. You will come across millions of blogs which tell you ways to earn hard money online but, to be honest, most of them will simply be filled with spam or bot content. The online world has evolved so much that there are now millions of ways for making money online but when it comes to making money by honest means, it's tough and a serious neck breaking experience.

Earning Thousands of Dollars online quickly requires 'Full-Time' Work

Those who do earn thousands of dollars on daily basis are actually job-at-home people who work full time on the internet. You will come across very few professionals who are actually earning a respectable amount as a part timer. If you're landed on this blog then know that I'm one of those part timers who were lucky enough to make some decent amount online and it was enough to keep my pockets filled all the time. This blog is meant to create awareness regarding the methods which people use to make a living online. Back in 2008 I got to know that people can actually make money online through a ad of 'designcrowd' freelance agency. I didn't know much about designing but I knew a bit of Photoshop so I thought of trying it out myself and see if it works. After some serious hardwork of 6 months, I was able to make $1700 on Design Crowd and trust me it wasn't easy. I had to work constantly for many hours and this was at the expense of my medical studies. I was a med student back then, now a doctor ;)

In the end, it's all about Applying Experience

But, the amount of design experience I got from Design Crowd proved to be a launching pad for me for years to come during which I made thousands of more dollars. Today, I might not have enough time to make such amount but if I give in my full time, I can easily make thousands in a matter of months now. This is cause of the experience I have regarding how things work online. Most of the money I earned got invested in other methods to continue my online passive income stream like buying domains, hosting accounts, WordPress themes, codes, freelance work, facebook marketing and on so many other experiments.

When it comes to blogging though, I failed badly. Mostly, because of the persistence it required and I was very impatient. I knew all about WordPress, Adsense, blogger, Tumblr, SEO, marketing, you name it and I knew about the topic. But sadly though, I could never really invest the time I should have put in due to my studies.

Competition is Fierce now

Whenever you google 'how to make money online', you will come across tons of content written only on this very topic and the amount of content is growing exponentially, Yes, you could also be the one making money online but remember this simple rule: 'Making money online was easy when Darren started ProBlogger 8 or 10 years back, when photography stock agencies were just getting started, when adsense was being introduced by Google, when Facebook was just getting started and in short when competition was almost nil. Today, with millions of people making content online and life as a whole shifting on to technology and web, I can say with clear confidence that it's not easy to make money online and you need to be both hardworking and lucky enough to be making descent amount online. 

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